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About Me

Marco Nunes

Web Developer

Life is a game I want to play. passionate about technology, open minded for the future, fresh ideas and intense taste for change and new flavors of intellectual advancement.

Never give up on anything, always trying to improve, willpower has always been my strongest point.
Obstacles? why call them so? allow them to overtake me and learn from them, new experiences are always new attitudes to understand what surrounds us, and i love challenges!

My passion for technology comes from an early age, when i tried to explore the world, still not open to the public as it is in the present, there were no high-speed networks or Google, yet, nothing stopped me from entering the technological world and learn from it.

As hobbies, mechanics and passion for DIY and construction always raised interest on me, nothing is impossible when the man's will is strong.
Classic musician since i was 11, and for more than 14 years, i've been a well known player by my skills, with a strong sense of responsibility, solo player on different local bands and orchestras, and many more.


Some of thw tecnologies i work with


WordPress websites, plugins and customizes modules


Web stores based on OpenCart 2.0 and others

Web Sites

HTML and CSS is the basics for creating Web Pages, using frameworks like Bootstrap 3 to develop responsive layouts

Mobile APPs

Multi-platform mobile APPs for iOS, Android, Windows Phone e Blackberry using PhoneGapIonic and many others


Some of my work done over the years


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